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A bank’s street again: Decatur building renovation, town homes move forward; urban market stalls

By November 15, 2022No Comments
Citizens Bank & Trust in New Historic Location

Ross Deal works in the new loan production office of Citizens Bank & Trust, which is located in the newly renovated historic building at 814 Bank St. N.E. The move into the building will be completed once the new furniture arrives. The building has an indoor oval balcony with a pine railing that overlooks the ground floor. [JERONIMO NISA/DECATUR DAILY]

A company working on three projects expected to help revitalize Decatur’s historic Bank Street area has completed one of them and is making rapid progress on a second, but supply chain issues are holding up the third, a highly anticipated urban market.

Stogie Holdings has completed renovations at 814 Bank St. N.E., and Citizens Bank & Trust started moving into the space last week, according to Yogi Dougher, co-developer with Steve Armistead of their Nashville company’s three projects.

“Their furniture is on back order,” Dougher said. “They’re using card tables while they wait. But, once we get the artwork up, it’s going to be nice.”

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